Coup-e 800



The customer wish for sporty and dynamic vehicles will also continue with future fully electric vehicle concepts. For driving performances above 100kW over longer time intervals, battery voltages around 350V, which are usual when using 600-volt-IGBT’s, require DC-currents over 300 Ampere.
The corresponding phase currents, for which the power electronics and wiring are meant for, distinctly lie above. If the power output increases in such a way as a sporty e-vehicle urges it, currents, cable cross-sections and effort in the components accumulate accordingly. As a solution for this goal conflict, AVL suggests the increase of the system voltage and demonstrates this technology in a rear-wheel-driven electric vehicle with 800 V traction network on the basis of the Mercedes C-Class Coupé.

AVL Coup-e 800
The electric drive concept of the Coup-e 800 is characterized by the following key innovations:

  • Max. 800 V operating voltage for all system components: HV-storage, power electronics and electric motor of the e-vehicle are run on a high voltage level between 590V and around 800V with 1200-Volt-IGBT-technology.
  • High drive performance: with moderate currents in the traction board net, high drive performances are achieved.
  • Scalability of the HV-battery is simplified by a higher degree of freedom at the pack voltage. For the adjustment of the desired energy content through series connection, the voltage limit now clearly lies higher. This can also find a use with plug-in-hybrids.
  • Highest power density through direct winding cooling of the e-machine: through the use of a for the passenger vehicle section unique direct-fluid-cooling of the stator winding, highest power densities can be accomplished.
  • “Active short circuit“ not needed: the maximum induced voltage of the e-motor (980 V) is uncritical for the purpose of the voltage rating of the power semiconductor device of the inverter. The “Free Wheeling” of the IGBT-module in case of an error of the inverter, leads to a particularly reliable and safe component and system design.

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