I have not found a suitable job on the AVL job portal, yet. Can I still apply?

We are looking forward to your convincing unsolicited application.

Which entry opportunites are there at AVL Software and Functions in general?

Basically, we distinguish between the following three entry possibilies:

  • Students (Internships, working students, theses)
  • Graduates and young professionals
  • Professionally experienced (with several years of relevant experience)

I am currently studying. Can I apply as an intern or working student?

Indeed, we are regularly looking for interns and working students in various developement and administration departments. You find our advertised positions in our job portal.

You can also do your mandatory internship at AVL Software and Functions.

It is clear, that our interns and working students receive a fair and appropiate compensation.

Is it possible to write my final paper (bachelor or master) in cooperation with AVL Software and Functions?

These opportunities exist. If there is no suitable thesis written out in our job portal at the moment you can also apply in a proactive way for a certain topic or subject area. Feel free to suggest topics. We will be happy to check if their realisation is possible.

Of course, as a student writing your final paper at AVL you will receive a fair and appropiate compensation for your engagement.

 Which qualifications should I have when applying for a job at AVL Software and Functions?

You will find the professional requirements for each job in the corresponding job advertisement.

Generally, we are looking for teamplayers who approach their tasks  in a conscientious, creative and engaged way. When it comes to pioneering and innovative developments we are specifically looking for individual’s enthusiasm for the task.  Personality counts more than anything.

What should I consider regarding my application?

We expect your documents to be complete. This includes a personal cover letter and a gapless CV, which ideally describes your past fields of activity in detail.

Your application will be completed by your diploma and/or a current transcript of records as well as job references and – if available – relevant certificates.

If you are currently matriculated you can also add your enrolment certificate.

Besides that, it is helpful to tell us your possible starting date and how flexibly you can be employed.

What is the application process like? Is there an Assessment-Center?

If we like your application we will invite you to a first interview which will be either by phone or personally on-site (Gewerbepark B29, Regensburg). This first interview will last about one hour. Usually one colleague of the Human Resources and one of the corresponding department will attend the interview.

There is often a second interview shortly afterwards. After that second interview, we will make decide to hire or not hire you.

You will not have to do an Assessment-Center.

What do I have to expect during the interview?

Our focus is to get to know you better during the interview. That is why we recommend you to be yourself and not to play act.

Besides that, it is also important for us that you get a deeper insight into our company, the corresponding job and our work environment which awaits you at AVL Software and Functions. To us it is very important that it is not only you presenting yourself, also we as a company are introduce ourselves to you.

Who I should turn to if I have questions concerning my application?

You can write us an e-mail at any time (sfr.hr@avl.com). Your concerns will either be answered by our Human Resources department or they will be forwarded to the corresponding department in the company.

Apart from that, you can also reach our head office in Regensburg by phone +49 (0) 941 630 89 100.