Securing the Future of Mobility


Connected Vehicles

The growing need for connected vehicles as well as the increasing complexity of systems raises the demand for secure solutions to protect the automakers, their products and their customers from the risks of cyber-attacks.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a reliable partner for the whole development cycle, the production phase and beyond.

The Challenge

The automotive industry is facing similar challenges like the information technology the last years with one major difference: connected vehicles are cyber-physical systems leading to a higher responsibility. Therefore, the on-board security has to ensure a safe behavior of the vehicles.

So, next to the general questions like

  • What shall we do in order to protect the data integrity of the vehicle?
  • How can we detect emerging attacks and react in a safe way?

are even more automotive specific challenges to be solved.

E.g. the long lead time from a concept vehicle to the start of production and the usual lifetime of the vehicles after the end of production (System care).

The AVL Solution

With our broad knowledge in automotive development and the wide experience of our cooperation partner regarding cyber security, we are ready to support our customers with their security-related challenges for a connected vehicle. We are ready to secure the future of mobility.

To reach this goal, AVL follows best practices from different sectors and a holistic approach to ensure the security of vehicles:

  • Security Methods through whole product lifecycle
  • Threat- and Risk-Analysis
  • Functional and technical security concepts
  • Implementation of prevention, detection and reaction mechanisms in HW and SW
  • Evidence by security related test concepts
  • Continuous maintenance of security measures

The Added Value

  • Providing 20 years of experience in automotive safety as well as in industrial and IT security together with our strategic cooperation partner
  • Supporting our customers with a holistic approach from the first asset definition to system maintenance during product life
  • Development of tailored on- and off-board security solutions

For more information about Kaspersky OS, please visit our cooperation partner Kaspersky Lab:


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