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We meet the challenges in the sector e-drive with high-quality products. From individual parts like DCDC converters and 48-1000V inverters to complete system like e-axles – we can assist you!

E-axle integration

The production of an e-axle requires a complicated integration of many different elements. Software and hardware like e-motor, transmission and electronics have to be perfectly aligned and tested and validated again and again. Further technical challenges like electromagnetic compatibility also have to be considered.

 For a-axles, software & controls, e-motor, low and high voltage electronics and transmission have to be integrated. Electromagnetic compatibility, testing, validation and benchmarking are also important.

AVL solutions and development in all fields of automotive innovation


Trend to full integrated E-Drive systems & E-Axle development

New material technologies

Trend SiC-Semiconductors: Increase switching frequency & reduce losses


Increase of motor phases to 6 or more for increasing robustness to failure

High speed & torque

Huge variety of E-Motors for all types of application


Higher Voltage Levels (up to 850 V) reduce package weight, costs & enables fast charge capability

Power density

New semiconductors & high speed E-Machines