We offer electronic developments for 12V, 48V, 400V or 800V control units for vehicles, DCDC Converter and charging systems. We also develop solutions for difficult installation spaces.

By cooperating with leading technology partners for power semiconductors and microprocessors, we generate highly integrated solutions, e.g. for traction inverters in the vehicle in the power range between 5 to 250 kW, DCDC Converters or chargings systems. Our electronic development portfolio includes the requirement definition, the layout of the circuit board, the selection and calculation of to components as well as building of models and testing.

Advanced Technologies Services

Wide Bandgap material
AVL has developed SiC Inverter and DCDCs. GaN is currently applied in an internal DCDC project.

AVL is working on a pre-development project to bring air cooled power systems one step further to production.

Smart Vehicle Architekturen
AVL is working on smart new vehicle architectures to account for the new

Health Monitoring
AVL is investing R&D in improving the health monitoring of our systems. Together with AI we will be able to forcast failues before they happen.