Electromagnetic engineering competencies at AVL

EMC is an experience driven topic. AVL offers more than 100 team years of EMC experience

Expert power
AVL provides expertise for all relevant EMC topics and is ready to face new challenges

Systematical approaches to estimate the impact on EMC at component and system level

AVL provides various simulation tools like analogue (LT-SPICE), 2D, 3D (CST microwave studio, DEKO) and their combination

The AVL simulation approach

Analog simulation
Analog simulation

– Functional analysis
– Thermal analysis
– EMC analysis (virtual measurements)
– audible noise detection

2D/3D simulation
2D/3D simulation

– Analysis of current and voltage distribution in time- and frequency domain
– analysis of E-field/H-field/EM-field
– various coupling analysis

Augmented Simulation
Augmented Simulation

– Analysis of complex scientific issues
– Virtual assessment of radiated emission
– Virtual assessment of ESD/pulse impact

Our strengths

Support during the whole development cycle

Holistic approach from start of development to product release and during the whole development

Proven competence

Successful cooperation in many international customer projects

A reliable partner

Your reliable partner in the automotive area with more than 100 team years of experience in solving EMC issues