About us

A company with tradition

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines as well as instrumentation and test systems. AVL is acting in the following scopes of business:

Development of Powertrain Systems: AVL develops and improves all kinds of powertrain systems and is a competent partner to the engine and automotive industry.

Simulation: In addition AVL develops and markets the simulation methods which are necessary for the development work.

Engine Instrumentation and Test Systems: The products of this business area comprise all the instruments and systems required for engine and vehicle testing. Currently the company counts 9.500 employees with worldwide 45 locations in total.

AVL Software and Functions GmbH

AVL Regensburg was founded in July 2008 and since then has continued to grow at a substantial rate. Currently, the company consists of more than 500 employees who represent more than 35 countries altogether. The focus lies on technologically leading software and system solutions for an intelligent, economically-compatible mobility as well as on system integration and the development of electronics.  For years AVL has been designing and improving all kinds of drive systems and has been realizing innovative future visions. On the one hand, our company helps conventional cars and trucks adhere to the severe exhaust emission regulations; on the other hand, the highly developed functions steer modern electric cars.

A broad range of products for international clients

Based on our strong technical know-how, we cooperate with our customers all over the world and develop overall solutions together. In the focus are fuel-saving issues, performance optimization and the contaminant minimization for classic drive concepts as well as all realms of the e-mobility. AVL partners benefit from our outstanding services: during the projects and in particular with the implementing of the software, they are cooperatively supported by our engineers.
With its excellent products and services AVL Software and Functions GmbH has ensured the name of an acknowledged counterpart in the automobile, commercial vehicle and large engine industry. Increasingly, also modern constructional vehicles and agricultural engines force the use of our innovative technologies. The expansive selection of products varies from two-wheeled vehicles over cars, trucks, constructional vehicles, railroads and ships to stationary constructions.

The future of tomorrow

Beyond that we use the partnership with universities and the technical colleges, and in numerous projects we work closely with various institutions. We see this kind of cooperation as a mutual opportunity: for us and for the engineers-to-be.
An an example, in November 2011 we created the event “Art meets Technique” in cooperation with the University of Regensburg. This was to create a synthesis of science and art.