Location and Activities

Life in Regensburg

standort_01Historically and culturally seen, UNESCO World Heritage Regensburg has a lot to offer. Long-lasting tradition merges with attractive modernity. Thus, on the one hand the Cathedral St. Peter, the Stone Bridge as well as the narrow alleys shape the picture of the old quarter and give it a medieval, Mediterranean charm; it is not vainly described as the most northern city of Italy. On the other hand the city has made its name through a huge offer of cultural events, for example through the Jazz weekend, the “Thurn & Taxis Castle Festival” or the “Bürgerfest”. In addition, more than 28.000 students of the University and Technical College of Regensburg demonstrate that the city – despite all its tradition – keeps up with the times. A look at the high density of the cafes, bars and restaurants divines the vibrant life.

Apart from the old quarter, also further parts of the city and the surrounding areas are known as attractive residential districts. Both the developed infrastructure and the expanded offer of kindergartens, all-day facilities and schools relieve the citizens. Many of the bordering communities conserve their rural charm and promise numerous leisure activities and an extraordinary countryside. Nevertheless, people easily reach the turmoil of the city or the workplace within few minutes.

Moreover, Regensburg plays a significant role as the most important industrial location of Eastern Bavaria. Since the establishment of the University of Regensburg in 1967 the economy has been developed dynamically and promisingly and is strengthened by the settlement of various large businesses. According to Prognos Zukunftsatlas 2007, Regensburg belongs to the eight “top regions with future perspective” in Germany.

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