ADAS/AD & connectivity: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, Autonomous Driving

ADAS and Connectivity

Safe, reliable and robust automated drive functions take the highest priority. AVL’s competences cover all relevant aspects in developing and testing ADAS/AD systems – from systems design, controls and software development up to calibration, verification and validation.
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Combustion Controls

Combustion Controls

The continuously increasing engineering requirements regarding fuel consumption, emissions or advanced diagnosis are nowadays the main drivers for most powertrain development activities. Optimized engine control is now a key factor in being able to meet these challenges. Our engine control solutions help you today, for tomorrow’s challenges!
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Digitalization of life has continuously increased in the past years. We support our customers in the digitalization of their products and infrastructure with our wholesome approach. Our services include developments in the areas of smart cities, maritime applications and in the automotive area.
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Transparent car with rechargable battery


AVL Software and Functions is the global compentence center for E-Drive and software development inside the AVL Group. We are your partner in concept development, components, hardware, software, integration, benchmarking, technology consulting, industrialization support and SOP development.
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Electronic control units


In our hardware department our offers include electronics development, CAD design, advanced technology innovation, battery management, ADAS, inverter, control unit, DC/DC and testing.

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EMC Simulation

EMC Simulation

EMC is an experience driven topic. AVL offers more than 100 work years of experience in EMC and thus offers expert power where needed.
Get to know our systematical approach towards EMC topics.
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Process Methods Tools

Process, Methods, Tools

Do you need to introduce an established and proven state-of-the-art process? Do you want to increase your efficiency during process application? We could be your partner!
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Abstrakte Darstellung Verschlüsselung


The challenge out of the moral commitment, for the sake of human health and life is the design, production and operation of products, that do not contain unacceptable risks. Nowadays, one part of this challenge comes more and more important – the Functional Safety, considering the safe behavior of electronic and electric components and systems.
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Abstracted control unit

Automotive Cyber Security

Automakers need to be able to protect themselves, their products and their customers from the dangerous consequences of
malicious cyber-attacks. Therefore, a reliable partner is required for the whole development cycle, the production phase and beyond, who will help ensure security at every stage.

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Our basic software development is based on a modern architecture (AUTOSAR) in conjunction with a layerbased infrastructure. We can support you with classic and adaptive AUTOSAR needs.
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