Controls and Software Development for ADAS/AD

A broad range of controls and software development services

To deliver market differentiation in the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) markets, OEMs are increasingly looking to offer high-level automation features. However, developing the wide range of controls and software features to meet series demand and regional specifics around the world can be prohibitively expensive.

To help OEMs tackle this challenge, AVL provides a broad range of controls and software development services. We cover everything from proof-of-concept of fully automated driving applications to specific concept and series development of assisted and automated driving features.

Modular White Label Solutions

Based on many years of experience and our proven development platform, we offer a modular approach that manages complexity and cuts costs. Seamlessly combining a variety of different tools to suit customer needs, and using a standardized guided workflow, we tailor solutions to every use-case.

White box software solutions, which include the option to add additional features when required deliver a comprehensive feature-base that is flexible and dynamic. Our solutions are adaptable to meet series demands and the challenges of global roll-out.

Supporting Your Business Model

OEMs and fleet operators are having to create new business models to adapt to the new landscape created by ADAS/AD technologies. Our approach and offering enables our customers to demonstrate technical maturity, and also to create economical proof-of-concept demonstrators to support their vision of the future.

AVL’s controls and software development boasts a range of benefits. These include:

  • Tailored features (controller and software) development from concept to series
  • Industry compliance to A-Spice and ISO26262 standards
  • Controller sub-modules development: perception, fusion, environment model, decision maker and trajectory/path planning, longitudinal and lateral motion control
  • Features modifications e.g. for regional function adaptation
  • Feasibility of new mobility use cases: demonstration of technical feasibility and economical parameters of fully automated applications
  • Advanced predictive energy management controls

Why Partner with AVL?

AVL is an independent, privately owned engineering company. This means that we are able to flexibly develop solutions which can be applied to components and system architectures from multiple suppliers. The generic ADAS/AD controls which we have been developed in-house are compliant with all SAE (Society of Automation Engineers) safety levels, and up to ASIL D (Automated Safety Integrity Level D).

With many decades of experience in the development of innovative powertrain solutions we can offer you a wide range of benefits. In combination with ADAS technologies, this includes significant fuel savings and electric driving range extension, as well as predictive and connected software functionality.