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Process, Methods and Tools

Process, methods and tools is devided into two areas at AVL: process consultancy and our integrated development platform MAESTRA. Our processes have achieved Automotive Spice Level 3. We act accordingly to ISO 26262, ISO/IEC 15504 and CMMI.

AVL Process Consultancy

Process definition, training and support

AVL offers consulting to its customers for handling their development processes. Tool support and training eases the process application and contributes in improving productivity and achieving better quality of the developed product.

  • With state-of-the-art automotive standards like AUTOMOTIVE SPICE, ISO 26262 and CMMI
  • In all AVL internal projects and a number of customer projects
  • All possible scenarios of project development
AVL Maestra V-Modell


The integrated development platform

The tool MAESTRA was developed by AVL. AVL Maestra is an integrated development platform and bundles several tools in a seamless toolchain. Based on the V-model, it supports all development steps, guides throughout all its steps and ensures, that the process is followed. We offer support to our customers on all levels of Maestra.

  • MAESTRA supports all development steps in a continuous standard workflow
  • MAESTRA guides the development throughout all its steps and ensure that the process behind is followed
  • MAESTRA supports as a development platform:
    • component based approach
    • standardized development environment
  • MAESTRA ensures:
    • efficient distributed development
    • improved overall quality
    • consistency
    • traceability
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