Basic Software Development

Our basic software development is based on a modern architecture (AUTOSAR) in conjunction with a layerbased infrastructure. This also enables a clear interface between basicsoftware and application software, to ensure easy configurability in matters of licensing. For that we’re using the AVL Standardcore (on AUTOSAR standard). Alternatively we also integrate and configure external basicsoftware solutions.

Increasing complexity of AUTOSAR standard

Increasing effort on required quality measures

Increasing complexity of microcontroller hardware architecture

Deep AUTOSAR know-how

Automotive Spice compliant AVL process and quality measures

Robust architecture and smart design of complex device drivers

Time to market: Fast and secure startup of AUTOSAR projects

Quality first: High quality of basic software work-products

Cost reduction: Efficient usage of microcontroller resources

Comparison Adaptive und Classic AUTOSAR

AVL offers two types of AUTOSAR, the classic and the adaptive one. Depending on the use, both have their advantages.

Adaptive AUTOSAR

  • High-performance devices
  • Customizable functionality as distributed service
  • Extensible and updatable functionality
  • Reuse of components


  • Low-performance hardware
  • Highly customizable and fixed functionality
  • Highest requirements for real-time and safety