AVL Software and Functions' commitment goes far beyond the mobility industry.

As a company with local roots, we see it as our social responsibility to engage in various areas. Our activities include supporting sports clubs such as the Regensburg Eisbären and charitable events such as the annual Leukämielauf. We also promote creative projects such as the art project with students, in which visual designs are created on various aspects of mobility and technology.

Our partnerships and projects demonstrate our efforts to make a positive contribution to society and strengthen our connection with the region.

Art meets Technology

Lea Gemmer, "Beflügelte Begegnung"[:en]Lea Gemmer: “Winged encounter”

The Institute of Fine Arts and Aesthetic Education at the University of Regensburg has been cooperating with AVL Software & Functions since 2010.

The joint project was initiated by visual arts academic Josef Mittlmeier and managing director Dr. Georg Schwab at a table in the former university pizzeria.

The students appreciate the project as an introduction to the professional field, the examination of topics such as technology, networking, mobility or globalization and the motivating competition that arises around the exhibition of the pictures and their inclusion in the annual calendar.

AVL is Silver Partner of Eisbären Regensburg

We are pleased to officially announce that AVL Software and
Functions is a proud Silver Partner of Eisbären Regensburg.

This partnership is of particular importance to us as it not only gives us the opportunity to support the local community, but also expresses our passion for sports and team spirit.
Many thanks to Eisbären Regensburg for this opportunity and the exciting moments during the games!

Emil - the E-bus for Regensburg's Old Town

Dr. Georg Schwab, Prof. Dr. Helmut List und Anton Angermaier vor Stadtbus Emil

In cooperation with "das Stadtwerk. Regensburg GmbH" and the OTH Regensburg, AVL converted one of the five Emil buses to an innovative drive concept. In addition to the design of the two components inverter and e-motor, AVL also implemented the mechanical and electrical integration. The replacement was carried out in the existing E/E architecture. The electric motor, inverter and vehicle control system were calibrated and validated. AVL also handled the configuration of the charging cycle to ensure long operating times, which was also proven by simulations.

Emil has been in operation since 2017 and - as of September 2021 - has covered more than 82,000 km in traffic in the Old Town.


Health is an important asset – and supporting people with diseases is also a matter of concern for AVL Software & Functions. Our employees are also happy to run in the Leukämielauf (leukemia run), but we also provide financial support for the event, which is organized on a voluntary basis – "I care for you and me". This way, not only do our employees stay fit, but we also do our part to help leukemia patients get well again.

Läufer der AVL Software & Functions Regensburg beim Leukämielauf 2021

Spread Smiles

Die Azubis und Geschäftsführer Anton Angermaier bei der Spendenübergabe an den Strohhalm

“Spread Smiles” is a charity campaign initiated and organized by our apprentices at AVL Software and Functions GmbH. Employees of the company were invited to leave donations in form of goods or money with the apprentices. These donations are to support the organization “Der Strohhalm” in Regensburg, which has been helping homeless and needy people since 2000.


Imparting knowledge is important - so is getting young people enthused about technology! That's why we are an exhibitor at NACHT.SCHAFFT.WISSEN.

In 2019, we showed visitors the electric bus Emil and our e-coupé as well as their charging technologies.

Flyer Nacht.Schafft.Wissen