• AVL Megawatt Charging Industry

πŸš›πŸ”‹βš‘ Mega step – Megawatt charging

July 24th, 2024|

World's first public demonstration of a Megawatt Charging System (MCS) with over 1000 kW: One of the first bidirectional charging stations in use. As part of the "NEFTON" research project, AVL Software and Functions is [...]

  • AVL Generation 2 Dual Inverter

New era of inverter design: Our 2nd generation inverter is available!

July 9th, 2024|

A modular and cost-efficient dual inverter concept Say hello to our modular dual inverter design, which offers you important benefits. By leveraging our strong expertise in inverter technology, based on the development of the AVL [...]

  • AVL AutBus

Politics tests future-oriented mobility solutions

July 4th, 2024|

During their visit to AVL Software and Functions GmbH today, the Bavarian Minister of State for Housing, Construction and Transport, Christian Bernreiter, District Administrator Franz LΓΆffler and Member of Parliament Gerhard Hopp were able to [...]

Innovation Day at AVL: Turning dreams into reality

June 5th, 2024|

"Innovation is the art of turning dreams into reality, imagination into creation, and challenges into opportunities." At AVL, innovation isn't just a buzzword: it's our driving force. We are committed to pushing boundaries, challenging the [...]

Formula Student visits AVL Software & Functions

May 22nd, 2024|

Thrilled to share that on Tuesday, April 16, AVL Software and Functions GmbH opened its doors for an exciting event - the "Running Snail" Event! The highlight of the day? The presentation of the new [...]

Nacht.schafft.Wissen 2024

May 22nd, 2024|

On Friday, April 19th, the unforgettable event "Nacht.schafft.Wissen" took place. Various companies from Regensburg gave visitors a look behind the scenes. AVL Software and Functions participated again this year! We are delighted that the event [...]

Driving Innovation: Our Role in the ARCHIMEDES Research Project

April 24th, 2024|

We are thrilled to be part of the ARCHIMEDES research project! Recently, our team had an enriching experience at the General Assembly Meeting, engaging in insightful discussions and collaborating with some of the brightest minds [...]

Generation E – Podcast: The future of (e)-mobility

January 31st, 2024|

Dirk Geyer from AVL Software and Functions provides exciting insights! What mobility technologies will shape the future, and what technical opportunities and challenges will they bring? Dirk Geyer, who is responsible for the development of [...]

  • Scapy Cyber Security

Develop Cyber Resilience

January 23rd, 2024|

Cyberattacks in the automotive industry are on the rise as more connected cars hit the road, and the threats are changing rapidly with AI on the horizon. In this critical scenario, proactive knowledge and measures [...]