“Serious visual art is a sensual side of philosophy. The students therefore have every freedom in the project to look at the big picture from above with their unbiased view, like a satellite. This creates surprising and exciting perspectives,” says Josef Mittlmeier about the project of AVL Software and Functions GmbH with the University of Regensburg.

Observing closely, that’s what comes to mind as the first commonality of the nevertheless so different disciplines of technology and fine arts, and further: to ask questions, to find answers, to recognize and solve problems. To change things. For the better. The students’ paintings – from a collaboration that has now lasted 12 years – visibly grace the rooms and offices of the AVL buildings in the industrial park and inspire the viewing employees, partners and customers of AVL with their impressive large formats. The canvases show the months-long process of meticulously working on the fine paintings before they reached their stage of maturity by the time of the vernissage. In some viewers of the paintings, these certainly triggered one or the other idea and were thus a contribution to the solution of a project. Because before every idea is the freedom of the mind to think the world new and different than it appears.