Combustion Controls

Our services

Services for Combustion Control: Concept development / Rapid prototyping, Requirement Engineering / SW Architecture, Function development, Functional testing / Validation, Integration / Testing, Consulting. AVL approach: Mature development process, Scalable & modular solutions, Front loading by model based development

Engine controls

Gasoline controls

The reduction of the CO2 emissions as well as a reduction of emissions if HC, NOx and CO ist the foundation of the mobility of the future. Furthermore, it is important to reduce the amount of particles. You can find AVL funtional solutions for instance in downsizing applications, alternative fuels, variable compression, particle filter solutions or cylinder deactivation.

Diesel controls

Modern mobility has to satisfy minimal emissions, low fuel consumption and last but not least joy while driving. For that, our team for diesel controls develops effective functional solutions for cars, large engines and off road applications. We use our expertise for motor development, thermodynamics, ECU calibration and motorsimulation to develop efficient software solutions. we enable an efficient motor performance and continous CO2 reduction via following fields of activity:

  • Air pathway regulation
  • Fuel pathway regulation
  • Exhaust aftertreatment control