Autonomous driving is not only limited to urban areas, it will also become a key topic in rural areas in the future. Last Friday we had the chance to show Franz Löffler, Landrat of the district Cham what we are developing in our Roding location. In the background you can see our autonomous bus with our Dynamic Ground Truth System on top. With this project, we are contributing to the progress of autonomous mobility in rural areas. We are glad that politics and industry are working so closely together on autonomous driving in rural areas and are looking forward the Franz Löffler’s next visit.

CEO Georg Schwab states:
“In my understanding autonomous driving in rural areas will become a key topic for the future. It´s a challenge for our society. And it´s a topic in which politics and industry must maintain a close communication and discussion about the needs of these areas. I am happy to have the possibility on a regular exchange with Franz Löffler, Landrat of the district Cham. He visited us last Friday in Roding, where we could show him our autonomous bus including our dynamic ground truth system.
Looking forward to our next meeting.”