AVL and itemis are development partners. Content of our partnership will be the YAKINDU Security Analyst.

While YAKINDU Security Analyst already meets the requirements for performing efficient security risk analysis, the software will continue to evolve over the coming months and years.
Best practice approaches and feedback from Security Analyst users will inspire new features and further improve the usability. New standards like ISO 21434 will influence the development.

itemis has invited us as a selected party to participate in the development of YAKINDU Security Analyst. As an active user of the product have the valuable input when it comes to shaping the roadmap and the future of the tool.

As a YAKINDU Security Analyst Development Partner we are active in the following areas:

  • share ideas and requirements about new Security Analyst functions,
  • discuss security analysis related topics with like-minded development partners across organizations and industries,
  • get early access to new Security Analyst versions and features and
  • enjoy customized licensing options.

You can find more information on this partnership here.