In the future zero-emission mobility will be important to accomplish the global climate goals. The automotive industry concentrates on the fast-growing sector of electric powertrains.

AVL is offering a great variety of development and engineering services for electric powertrain components. These include auxiliary systems like electric compressors, power inverters, DCDC converters, charging devices, electric engines and e-axles. Our focus is especially on developing and optimizing electric components, to make them lighter, more compact and highly efficient for every vehicle application. Efficiency is one of the main parameters for all powertrain components, to minimize losses and to increase range by more effective energy recovery.

Furthermore, the trend currently goes towards high-speed traction motors with at least 20,000 rpm and multiphase applications, to work with higher performance and power, while at the same time lowering production costs.

New motor winding technologies in electric engines (e.g. hair pin) as well as the reduction of the use of rare earth elements can help to achieve the demanded cost goals. To reach this goal, new cooling concepts (like direct oil cooling) are demanded. The cooling technology has a substantial impact on the system’s architecture and on the efficiency. Thereby, further thermally induces losses can be avoided.

In the field of power electronics new semiconductor materials like SiC or GaN allow efficiencies up to 99% and application on high frequencies. With AVL’s unique EMV simulation approach, electromagnetic disturbances can be avoided and therefore developing time can be reduced. The model-based simulation starts with developing a concept and leads through every phase of product development.

At the current time, AVL works on concepts to further reduce charging time. We want to achieve that with high performance charging stations and an intelligent charging communication. New architecture approaches enable charging the battery via the traction inverted, through which a reduced system weight in the powertrain is achieved. However, connection vehicles to the public network brings up some safety issues. For that, our development processes ensure safe charging and protect the vehicle from unauthorized access.

Performance capabilities of a powertrain also depend on the integration in the electric axle system. The focus lies on highly integrated e-axles, which help to further improve efficiency of the powertrain. We offer the integration of power inverters, engines and transmission.


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