It all started with only a table and two chairs. That was in 2008.
Today, ten years later, we are a team of about 450 people.

We can look back on ten years full of change, innovation and development of ourselves, but also of software and system solutions, prototypes and standard models and therefore also of our clients, that we support since day 1.

Are you ready? We want to take you on a journey across our company’s history.



Overview of our milestones

In 2008 the AVL List GmbH from Graz decided, to select Regensburg as an additional location. In June we started with ten employees and became part of the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and test systems for power trains. From there on we got off to a fast start…

… and became a respected partner in the automotive industry, the commercial vehicle industry as well as the large engines industry.

In the first few years we concentrated on software, electronics and system solution for ecofriendly mobility and are now anchored very well worldwide and especially in the region. Since then many different topics were driven forward, which range from combustion engines and electromobility to safety and security to autonomous driving.

We aren’t only capable of technology though, but also art. Since 2011 we cooperate with the institute for art of the university of Regensburg and organize the project “Kunst trifft Technik” (“Art meets technology”), which takes place once a year. However, these two topics aren’t completely unrelated – creativity and pioneer spirit are necessary for constant innovation in our daily work. The project also challenges our engineers to look at their work from another point of view. Their work gets interpreted, questioned and appreciated by the young artists in an interesting manner. The annual vernissage in the Gewerbepark highlights special aspects of our company, looked at from the most different perspectives.


Our AVL charging station in front of the company building B29


In 2012 we won the E-Cartec award of the Bavarian State Government with our demonstration vehicle “E-Coupé”. With that project we also laid the foundation for the 800V powertrain technology for electric vehicles, which since then significantly contributed to the successful development on the market. Thereby we contributed to increase the performance of electric vehicles and reduce charging time significantly – for the sake of the environment.

Obviously, all those electronics and software require monitoring of the safety critical control devices. Therefore, we specialized on safety and security and are engaged with the data security of the vehicles by developing system solutions, which maintain integrity and confidentiality even inside the car. Apart from electromobility we also develop combustion engines at AVL, to improve their efficiency and cleanliness, not only for cars, but also commercial vehicles and large maritime engines. Autonomous driving became gained significance over the years as well. With our emphasis on software development it was easy for us to integrate it into our daily work, and since then we are researching innovative solutions for this highly dynamic area in the automotive industry.

The year 2015 need to be highlighted especially for the rapid growth, that we had since start. It was so rapid, that our offices became too small and we had to find a new building. Luckily, the Gewerbepark Regensburg is flexible, so we could move in the new building during 2015, with which we – for the time being – had enough space.

2016 is the year of electric charging technologies – especially when looking at the rising numbers of electric vehicles. With that, developing infrastructure is getting more and more important for our society. Our objective therefore is: fast & easy. That is shown by our charging station, that we inaugurated in July of 2016 in the Gewerbepark, which since then offers a fast and efficient option to charge electric vehicles – for free until 2020! With that, 2016 also stands for innovation, which reflects in the business award “Top-Innovator”, which we won for our innovation management and innovation success.


Our two managing directors  Dr. Schwab (left) and Mr. Angermaier (right) with Prof. Dr. h.c. List in front of the AVL Bus “Emil”


In 2017 our building was bursting with employees again. With over 400 employees, we had to expand our office spaces again. But the year 2017 doesn’t only stand for growth, but also for innovation. Since July the electric city bus “AVL Emil” is driving in the old town of Regensburg and is transporting citizens and tourist safely and environmentally friendly from A to B. “Emil” doesn’t only stand for the electromobility of the future, but also for our objective, to support the breakthrough of electromobility in all areas of application. We’re working every day, to optimize efficiency and performance more and more. And what else? Growth, innovation and security, because in 2017 AVL Software and Functions started cooperating with the software company Kaspersky Lab, to ensure cybersecurity in modern cars.


Main entrance of the company building – 10 years of AVL in Regensburg


Our Highlight in 2018 ? For sure our ten-year anniversary last week and the visit of Prof. Dr. h.c. Helmut List, CEO of our parent company in Graz. The theme of our anniversary celebration was our motto “Why not! Move different”, which will also push us forward in the future.

We want to further develop our AVL-technology, so for example our 800V technology will be implemented in standard models in 2019 . You’ll be able to experience our engine and system solutions first hand on the streets. We are looking forward to it!

But of course, all our success wouldn’t be possible without the high commitment and creativity of each employee. So, on this occasion, we want to deeply thank those, which are with us since the beginning and everybody, who joined in on the way. Only with them we could get to where we are today: a successful development partner with a high reputation in the industry.



Happy birthday AVL Software and Functions and here’s to the next 10 years!