The “mechanical world” for inverter tests can be avoided with the aid of an electronic emulation of the e-Motor, so-called e-Motor Emulators (EME). Wherever the electric motor is only present to test the drive inverter, the new technology of e-Motor Emulators can be employed with convincing advantages.

This technology eliminates the need for all rotating parts and, on the phase level, it can reproduce exactly the behavior of a rotating e-Motor over all quadrants. The e-Motor Emulator replaces not just the electric motor itself, but also the required drivetrain and shafts.

The e-Motor Emulators from AVL are autonomous devices that can be run completely stand-alone. The emulators are usually employed for the operation of drive inverters in a test environment that emulates not only the electric motor, but also the drivetrain battery.


Inverter Test Services on E-Motor Emulator:

  • Functional Tests
  • Hardware Tests
  • Functional Safety Test
  • Fault Stimulation Tests
  • Qualification Tests
  • Sample EOL-Test