A dramatic reduction in weight and size as well as a reaction time at the speed of 30ns enables us to drive EMC to a whole new level.

We at AVL Software and Functions are the drivers of innovation, our daily goal is to make the world a little bit better, safer and more secure. A milestone in our efforts is now ready for the market: our patented active hybrid filter. This new solution is the result of years of research and has already won the EMV 2018 best paper award and the AVL Innovation Award.

Our active hybrid filter is a unique combination of active and passive EMC filter elements to suppress interferences. Its innovative approach offers the reduction of weight and size by the factor 10 compared to conventional solutions. As a logical consequence considerable cost advantages of around 30% percent can be realized. The AVL active hybrid filter is an enabler for non-shielded HV-system approaches with reasonable effort, a requirement, which many OEMs thrive to fulfill. Dr. Bastian Arndt, member of the project team, states “We at AVL Software and Functions have the possibility to simulate EMC in our very own simulation lab in Regensburg. This advanced situation enabled us to develop the active filter, a solution which we see as the new state of the art in EMC.”

The active filter has high potential to be used in all types of HV-components in the automotive area, e.g. inverter, DC/DC, charger and the HV-Battery. Yet it is not only applicable for automotive applications, but also for other areas such as industry, white goods, solar technique and premium HiFi. A prototype has already been tested at 400V and can be visited in our office in Regensburg, where you can see its enormous filter performance live. We are the first company to offer an active hybrid filter for automotive applications.

If you are interested and require more information, we are there to help and offer practicable and innovative solutions.

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