Uniting MBSE and PLE: AVL Software and Functions GmbH and partners pioneer next-generation approaches in mobility!

At AVL Software and Functions, we understand the importance of continuous adaptation. Therefore, we have been working closely with our partners at the MBPLE4Mobility project, which is a research initiative funded by the German Bundesministerium fΓΌr Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz. It is aiming at improving the approach of Model-Based Product Line Engineering (MBPLE) by combining Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with Product Line Engineering (PLE) in the areas of rail transport and automotive electric mobility.

The project aims to reduce development costs, risks, and throughput times by leveraging innovative approaches in the product development process, ultimately accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and contributing to decarbonization goals.



Since the project’s inception, we have been diligently analyzing general requirements and specific aspects related to the MBPLE approach. By evaluating the effectiveness of this method using practical examples from the automotive industries, we have gained valuable insights to improve our development process. Additionally, we have been actively developing tools to support these methods and processes, customizing them to meet the unique needs of the transportation industry.

Our commitment to innovation and transformative change in the transportation sector drives us forward. By utilizing the power of MBSE and PLE, we are well on our way to reshaping the development processes for driving assistance functions, charging functions, and high-voltage energy storage systems.