Art meets Technology 2023: „Uncertainty as opportunity”

As always, the Art Meets Technology project begins with a meeting at which Dr. Schwab (AVL) throws his proposed topic into the round: “Uncertainty as Opportunity?” – immediately it is clear that his thought is a worldview position, not an explicit image motif, so it’s a great topic for an art project. The first meeting in 2023 brought together more than 50 students for the first time. Since 2011, the seminar for this project has established itself as an event that enjoys great attention. Since the students also experience our epoch as a situation of many changes, a broad catalog of proposals already emerged at the first meetings. The range from individual experiences to observations of overall societal insecurities triggered relentless discussions. The sharpness of the verbal exchanges changed as the drafts were implemented. The group accompanied the path from draft to implementation with constructive suggestions. In its conception, a painting can include the viewer’s point of view and sensually convey the polarity of positions. The openness of the image allows a finer differentiation than the word – a painting forms a subjective point of view and leaves it to the viewer to develop his own position on it. Once again we saw that a discourse about a painting moderates the incompatibility of perspectives and drives the search for universally valid statements in social interaction. Once again, cultures that communicate in an ordered way through images were shown to have an opportunity in uncertainty. (Josef Mittelmeier)

AVL SFR is currently in the process of transition. Many questions are not 100% settled and sometimes create uncertainty in the industry. This makes it all the more important to recognize uncertainty as an opportunity and to have a clear vision and strategy and to pursue it consistently. Deviations and quick reactions to them are part of the game. Both regionally and globally, we are facing the age of cooperation. It is all the more gratifying that we have gained a new partner for our art project in the company Händlmaier. A great company that has been successfully positioning itself in the tough market of the food industry for years. (Dr. Georg Schwab)

High-tech with mustard? The cooperation between a traditional food manufacturer and a high-tech company from the automotive sector in an art project is unusual at first glance. We, the Händlmaier company, based in Regensburg for over 100 years, share with AVL Software and Functions the belief that vibrant communication beyond everyday business must be a concern of regional companies in order to master the challenges ahead. In a productive climate of spirit and community, the ideas that we will all need can emerge. All the more we are pleased to be part of it in 2023, when students of the University of Regensburg will make their thoughts on the topic „Uncertainty as Opportunity“ also sensually experienceable in our house with paintings.

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