“Kunst trifft Technik” (“Art meets technology”) – the cooperation between the university of Regensburg and AVL Software and Functions enters the fourth round. This year, the art students were challenged to implement the topic “software and function development” in their art.The seven-day exhibition will be ceremoniously opened by Regensburg’s major Joachim Wolbergs.

Four years ago, Dr. Georg Schwab, managing director of AVL Software and Functions, and art lecturer Josef Mittlmeier had the idea for the art project cooperation. Since then, every year art students are confronted with topics and challenges of the work of the innovative engineering team. Their work gets interpreted, questioned and appreciated by the young artists in an interesting manner. Together, AVL and the university of Regensburg realized ideas, that are found away from their work routine. The mutual trust is the basis for new creative synergies: Software and functions aren’t only technologically perceptible, but can also be seen by the eye.