We are a founding member of the association “MINT-Labs Regensburg e.V.”!

Sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics – to give kids and teens the possibility to get in touch with those so-called STEM-topics, we are part of the new found association „MINT-Labs Regensburg e.V.“. The association aims to build the “MINT-Haus”, a house, where young people can satisfy their curiosity towards STEM-topics in an inviting and modern surrounding. There will be laboratories, educational workshops and a student research center, all build to enhance research and testing for a young target group.

The new “MINT-Haus” will open in about two years in Regensburg on the TechCampus. Ahead of the opening the new-found association will be working as an advisory board. Within this board we will professionally prepare, manage and deliver content, which can later be used to educate kids and teens.

We are proud to be a founding member of an initiative, which focuses on young people and thus our future. AVL Software and Functions wants to enable people from all nations and backgrounds to be open and creative, making the world a better and safer place to live.

Find the press release of the city of Regensburg here

In the picture: Representatives of the twelve founding members of MINT-Labs Regensburg e.V
Picture Credits: Stadt Regensburg, Stefan Effenhauser