Silicon Mobility, technology player powering control solutions for a cleaner, safer and smarter mobility, and AVL Software and Functions GmbH, announced today a cooperation agreement for the collaboration of work to increase energy efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles. The partnership provides an opportunity for both companies to draw upon each other’s strengths to further develop and bring to market advanced technology of powertrains ready to use.

“This partnership will allow us to test and implement Silicon Mobility’s advanced inverter and e-Motor controls technology, which will help us to continue our path of excellence in the development of e-Drive systems. “says Dr. Georg Schwab, managing director of AVL Software and Functions.  “By working together, we will pursue our mission to fulfill the high expectations of our customers with world class products and processes.”

“Together with AVL, one of the most respected leaders in automotive powertrain systems, we will combine control technology and system knowledge to further improve the range of electric vehicles” said Bruno Paucard, CEO of Silicon Mobility. “It is a very exciting project to equip AVL’s e-Drive system with OLEA control technology, so we can create together a reference system in energy efficiency!”

As part of the collaboration agreement, AVL and Silicon Mobility will build a 250kW inverter – e-Motor system based on the current AVL 250kW IGBT inverter. This system will be powered by OLEA® T222 FPCU and OLEA® APP INVERTER HE to extract the best energy efficiency delivered by the electric motor. The resulting system is planned to be made available for customers interested in design license, prototype or SOP projects. The efficiency of the combined solution will be measured on AVL test benches. The partners plan to extend their collaboration also to the drive and control of advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) power technologies by OLEA® T222 FPCU and OLEA® APP INVERTER HE in the latest generation of AVL inverters.