AVL stands for the mobility of tomorrow: Software and system solutions for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems are developed here at the locations in the Gewerbepark Regensburg. At the moment, more than 550 employees from 35 countries work at AVL. “A company with potential for the future”, the Inno-Man from “NACHT.SCHAFFT.WISSEN.”, thinks, “and I always liked cars”. So obviously, he wants to dig a little deeper and find out, how the work at AVL looks. For that, he meets with Afrizal Herlambang, an employee in the ADAS-team (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Inno-Man: Afrizal, you’re a part of the ADAS-team here at AVL Software and Functions. What does that mean?

Afrizal Herlambang: For me personally that means, that I help people by reducing accident numbers. Through that, also the efficiency of our life increases. I have some friends, who commute 80km to work every day. Imagine, that they could do other things during the drive, like working or resting.

Inno-Man: What are your main tasks for that?

Afrizal Herlambang: Currently, I’m in a validation team. We have to ensure, that our functions work properly and we also have to describe the test cases. We have different use-cases. We for example think about, which scenarios can occur, and how we can avoid them with our functions. Through our test environment we can ensure to drive safely on the street later.

Inno-Man: I just tested your driving simulator. It’s really fun! Can you do that every day as an employee in the ADAS-team?

Afrizal Herlambang: Basically, yes, when we have the time. But we have to do safety briefings with every employee, who wants to use the driving simulator.

Inno-Man: What is the driving simulator used for?

Afrizal Herlambang: We have to test our functions, before we drive on the street. Needless to say, there are other road users. In the driving simulator, we don’t affect the other people and there is no risk for them.

Inno-Man: When can we drive with autonomous cars on our streets?

Afrizal Herlambang: It’s more of a question, if and when the society is ready to accept autonomous driving. It’s also a matter of the infrastructure and the streets.

Inno-Man: What do I have to provide to become part of the ADAS-team?

Afrizal Herlambang: Motivation and ambition are important qualities. Our main area is software development. For that you should have knowledge of programming or software engineering.

Inno-Man: What do you like most about your job?

Afrizal Herlambang: Lots of things. They are all exiting tasks, because we’re working on the technology of the future. In addition, my colleagues at AVL are nice and it’s a multicultural environment. Our ADAS-team consists of 50 people from 17 nations. That’s what makes it exciting!

Inno-Man: Thank you very much for the interview, Afrizal!