Art meets Technology 2021: “Happy community – casual togetherness”.

The working group was unanimous in its observation that during lockdown and homeoffice it is precisely the everyday-unobtrusive but socially and productively effective contacts that have been lost. “We do not have an actual theme, except for this observation”. The preliminary discussion of this year’s project attested to the special quality of Visual Arts. Artistic works are broader in their definitions than concepts. This “vagueness” is a welcome peculiarity of art, and it is precisely for this reason that visualizations are the right form for examining the facets of something that cannot be grasped in concrete terms. Thus, the students spanned their thoughts between the poles mentioned in the title: “Happy community – casual togetherness”.

The conditions of the last months have shown the tragic social losses of the pandemic. It starts with the loneliness of the individual which is experienced as a burden and goes on with the division of society, which finds no consensus on core issues, but aggressive dispute. The economic effects of the Corona Era may be statistically measurable, but for the time being we can only guess the long-term effects in society. Perhaps the current loss lets us realize the great value of a community that lives discourse in social warmth and freedom. The question of the coming months will be how we could bring this very quality back into our lives.

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