Art meets Technology 2022: „Ladybug – the little happiness?”

“The events of the last few months are whirling humanity wildly, bringing unbearable tragedy and misery to many innocent people. Sleepless nights loom in the face of the catastrophes that the media deliver to us „free of charge” every day. When I met with Dr. Schwab to discuss the topic for our project with the students in 2022, he said, „Ladybugs…” I have known him long enough that I always take him seriously. When such a small insect landed on his hand, he said, he realized how easy it is to overlook the small happinesses along our life’s path in our media catastrophism. When I brought this idea to the group of students, a passionate discourse ensued about whether we should now move into hit parade territory. The waves were running high. Gradually, however, more and more ideas came together that were not only very individual but also authentic, because each participant wanted to define a credible position of his or her own with a personal experience, far enough away from the thoughts of the others. The medium of painting stands apart from the photographic split-second and can more easily lay claim to generality through its degrees of abstraction. At the very least, however, the painting does not assert its supposed objectivity, but reveals itself to be a personal statement by a human being, an assertion that is meant to be examined and that can also be contradicted. We are really excited about the reactions that the pictures will trigger this year! But we are sure that the very possibility of breaking out into the other world of the mind and spirit is not only a small happiness, but a great one…” (Josef Mittlmeier)

“As great as the consternation about some events is, so great must be our determination not to let this consternation gain the upper hand over our striving, feeling, and thinking. Only if we can also enjoy even supposedly small happiness (like a ladybug) do we always draw strength to drive the necessary improvements in the world. This applies to art, to technical issues, but also to all areas of society globally.” (Dr. Georg Schwab)

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